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Just Keep Climbing

Anyone who knows me knows I like a good stair-climbing workout.  Well, maybe not “likes” all the time.  Some days I just appreciate it.  Some days I tolerate it. Today I just “did” it…nothing more, nothing less.  I haven’t been … Continue reading

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Is it time to Surrender?

Today I wimped out of my bike ride in favor of the warmth and still air of my garage trainer.  Desiring 90 minutes workout I put on some tunes and pedeled.  Tried to play some games.  Tried to get my … Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s News, Today  I do not sound like Forrest Gump.  There are no photos of my backside.  And DV reports less knee pain.  Life is good!

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Forrest Gump Fitness

My friend DV contacted me the other day.  She’s friend, yogi, new runner, and health columnist for the Tampa newspaper.  She wanted to pick my brain a bit…column, yoga, injury, philosophy, how I put it all together.  A heavy sigh came forth as … Continue reading

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Training to climb, climbing to train

Tomorrow.  December 11.  Saturday morning.  The Bank of America Stairwell beckons.  As consumed (addicted?) to things that I can get, the stairs indeed call my name.  A sorry muse for a weekend of glorious weather, I might add.  I swore … Continue reading

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Stair Climbing 101: And so it began…

(photo)x(42)=? I’ve signed up for the Fight For Life Climb Tampa in March, and have committed to finding 49 others to join me.  As I’ve said, my friend recently passed away and this seems like the perfect way to honor … Continue reading

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Me need fire!

Fire.  Fire in me belly.  Aaaghhh…FIRE.  OK.  Whatever.  Keeping the main thing the main thing:  I’m eating a more balanced diet.    I’ve been doing a super job with my efforts to keep a nutritiously balanced breakfast, and it’s even trickling … Continue reading

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