2 December


A little better!

Today was a good day!  My first appointment was at 6:00 am, so I was out by 5:15, to Starbucks by 5:30, and at Diesel 2 mins later.  The day was varied…massage on a big bulky guy (work!), injured man who is about to run a marathon in his 50th state (Hawaii), a meditator, the Ninja…a quick nap… two sporty women, a creaky neck, and a swimmer.  I like a day that’s all shaken up like that!

And my weight was down a half pound.  Again, I know it’s not all for real, but it IS a little more motivating that watching the same number.  That said, it is still higher than the highest I like it to be.  My food for the day wasn’t great.  I ate a Starbucks Protein Box all morning with my obligatory grande Christmas Blend.  I had an extra little pack of peanut butter which I sucked down, too.  That’s all I had with me, so I went off to run club a little hungry.  I had a Smithwick’s after my “run”, and some sausage/rotini/red sauce they were serving.  As it nears bed time, I’m hungry…yogurt should do it.  Or maybe some turkey.  Or maybe a hot fudge sundae.  Kidding.  I don’t have any maraschino cherries.

A little bit every day!

A little bit every day!

And today’s run…I knew it would happen, but I limped out with my pinchy hip and growling belly.  Walked 10 mins, Measured 1 @9:59, run 1:30, walk :30; Measured 2 @11:16, (get this) run 60 steps, walk 30 steps (gotta’ play a game sometimes).  Another half mile with some stairs.

As a woman who comes from a long line of “excess”…long miles, long races, crazy training schedules…I’m loving this “little bit”.  A new way for me to do December!


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1 December

Headed in the right direction!

Headed in the right direction!

Ok, let me say that I’m not really taking credit for losing three pounds since yesterday.  Truth be told, I’m hoping I didn’t actually “own” the 167 pounds to begin with.  You know how that goes…you lose weight one day, but you don’t actually “own” it until you can maintain it for a bit.  For me, I don’t always own a weight gain.  The trouble comes when it creeps up, you hover there, and THEN own it.  My best guess…I don’t own 164 either.  That all said…it is going in the right direction.  I burned some good calories yesterday, and am a little excited about all these mini “projects” I have for myself!

My diet was OK yesterday.  I default to eating too little during the day, and too much in the evening.  I can see myself letting that happen this go around.  I was a bit guilty of it yesterday (healthy dinner, and then a bit more cleaning out of the fridge…) and today (not  much to eat today, and famished as I type).  My food choices have been healthy (thank you, Thanksgiving Turkey!); portions could be a little more controlled.

And now to the running.  Good.  Golly.  I was sore this morning!  Really feels like I am training for a marathon and it’s the Monday after a Sunday long run!  As I like to say to clients…”If weak is all you are, weak is easy”.  Weak and out of shape is pretty easy to fix; injuries and”special cases” are not always so easy.  So I’ll take easy, I’ll take weak.

I did about 45 mins of yoga with my Ninja-in-Training today.  As much as one hip was threatening to cramp, I sustained my effort until his shoulders gave out.  I was secretly happy for me, not so happy for his shoulder “weakness”.

I could stand to feel a little bit more like a "hot streaker"!

I could stand to feel a little bit more like a “hot streaker”!

Then I went out for my (at least) one mile run.  Warm up mile, Measured 1 @10:33, Walk 1.5 more.  Total distance 3.5 miles @12:10 pace.

Right now this feels like a fun project.  Here’s hoping for a good December streak!

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AdventAdventure:  1. an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks: the encountering of risks <the spirit of adventure>
2. an exciting or remarkable experience <an adventure in exotic dining>

Advent: 1. The coming or arrival, especially of something extremely important

The Christian season of Advent, marked by the four Sundays prior to Christmas, is a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.  For some, it is a season that marks the advent of Christ’s second coming.  For me, it is a time to step out of my daily routine and go in search of all that is Christ on the kingdom of earth.  This year I will again set aside time each day to get out of my normal routine and look for all that is extremely important in our world.  Although my adventures rarely involve danger, they do and will take on a different spirit, one of excitement.  The excitement of something bigger and better than the norm.  The excitement and anticipation of us all working together for hope, peace, joy, and light.

In this world you will have troubles. But take heart, I have overcome the world.

In this world you will have troubles. But take heart, I have overcome the world.


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29-30 November

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No need to post two weights, I was the same each day.  I ate pretty well…no sweets.  A little extra cheese (which I had to get out of the refrigerator) and a lack of regular mealtime might not be my … Continue reading

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Decemberist Diet

I am!

I am!

I’m gearing up for my December eating.  I have gotten rid of the leftovers that don’t serve my purpose…the pies are being eaten by homeless men, my local 7-11 workers, and athletes (they were apple and pumpkin).  And I’m getting my mind wrapped back around the thought that I spent most of 2014 NOT eating dessert.  How did I get back on the sugar?  How did I get back into mindlessly eating sweet stuff without even thinking about it?

Keep calm and get off sugar.  It’s not that complicated.

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Holy Cow

Devoted, healthy, fit, LIFT Performance Enhancement

I got on the scale today.  I don’t always do that, as I often go by “feel”.  And sometimes I go by “pants”…as in I put on a pair of pants to see what they feel like.  Parenthetically, my “pants of choice” are a pair of Levis from high school.  Read: pre-spandex, pre-low waist, pre-women’s fashion statement.  I have worn these jeans within the last month.  Double parenthetically…she ain’t wearing them now.

I haven’t seen this weight in a long time.  OK…I was actually a half pound heavier two days ago, lost it over night, and gained most of it back on Thanksgiving (also known as Thanks-Pie-to-Myself-Day).

There were plenty of leftovers.  Were.

There were plenty of leftovers. Were.

Since I stopped racing (triathlon, running) my weight has been a couple of pounds heavier than I like; I’ve been looking at 161 for a couple of years.  I like my fighting weight to be 155-157 and I just can’t seem to get stabilized there.  But 168ish…that’s just creeping up the slippery slope for me.

Starting weight.

Starting weight.

So I’m throwing it out there.  For all to see.  It’s not quite as bad as taking a photo of my belly that’s poking out over my jeans.  Or the zipper that doesn’t quite make it.  Or the butt that should not be so pressed against tight fabric.  Just the scale.

Holy Cow.  I’ve got my work cut out for me this month.

Holy Cow 2

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The Decemberist

As business trends go for people like me, December can be a slow month.  Holidays, parties, travel, and basic busy-ness keep people from their self-care.  That’s OK; it IS the season of giving to others, focus on family, and togetherness based joy.  That said, I have historically gotten more business and more busy on December 1.  I (happily, thankfully) tend to attract individuals who give thought to the months ahead (they have to, they are often on training schedules).  They set themselves up for the calendar change so they can hit the ground running on January 1.  I love this about the clients I serve.

In thinking about the “shape” I’m in right now, I realized I give much thought to setting myself up for the new year, but I often get too busy for the action.  That which I admire and respect in others could be better practiced by me.  Although I start each year armed and ready to “go”, I thought I’d try differently.  Do different.  In December.

I place myself in the hustle and bustle of December in an attempt to keep myself from slipping towards blueness.  I’m well aware of my seasonal depression; that’s what it was called in the 70’s.  As a teen I could see the value of putting all the lights on in the early morning so that I could pretend it was daytime as I got ready for school.  (There is great value in acting; faking it until you make it) And although I could see the beauty of shutting down normal houselights in favor of candles in the windows and twinkling white tree lights, much of my winter was based on preparing for spring.  Each year I have a strategy to muddle through, and the last few years have been quite enjoyable.

But still, I’m going to do different.

I’ve got four days to become a Decemberist.  One who “does” December.  One who “advocates the doctrine of” December.  One who “performs” and “specializes in” December.

Mobile Balance, LIFT Performance Enhancement

I have no idea what this is going to look like.

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